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Take a look at the new blog articles written by legal contributors at our site, Attorney Alan Olson and Attorney Dan Riegleman.  Attorney Olson’s article focuses in the area of employment law and  summarizes an important federal court decision in that area. Attorney Riegleman’s articles focus on recent developments with administrative actions in the area of doctor delegation.  See both posts at:

Pose a question directly to our contributors at AskCL .  This is a first in the State where your own concerns can be addressed by one of our knowledgeable contributors, including attorneys who are experienced in chiropractic issues.

  • New and updated items to our resources .  The focus of these new resources is on techniques to generate more practice income and collect from those patients who may be behind on payments.  To see our complete list of new or updated resources …read more
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Useful  News:

The Wisconsin Chiropractic Examining Board will meet at 8:30 a.m. on September 29, 2016, in Room 121A of the State Office Building located at 1400 East Washington Avenue, Madison.
While a more detailed discussion of the Board’s Agenda matters can be found at our home page, the three principal issues at the meeting involve:
• Adopting a new regulatory rule relating to the delegation of adjunctive services to chiropractic technicians (“CT”) and chiropractic radiological technicians (“CRT”). The Board intends to clarify the discrepancy in delegation powers existing between current regulations and statutes; as well as, establish specific requirements of course study for CTs and CRTs. Read More
• Reviewing Assembly Bill 871. The Bill modifies various administrative rules developed over the years by the Chiropractic Examining Board.  Read More
• Addressing the Wisconsin Chiropractic Association’s (WCA) request for a full Board discussion on the Board’s recent denial of a continuing education course sponsored by the WCA. Read More

The biggest news for the profession in years relates to the Wisconsin Chiropractic Association’s (“WCA”) legislative initiative (Senate Bill 762) to dramatically expand the scope of chiropractic to include a new professional designation known as a “Primary Spine Care Practioner”  (PSCS) who would have the authority to prescribe medication and administer anesthesia under medical supervision.  The “battle lines” have quickly formed over this matter with Chiropractic Society of Wisconsin (“CSW”) opposing the initiative, together with an uncertain number of WCA members.  A hearing was recently held in Madison in which both sides of the issue “squared off” over the new concept.  The “real” implications of that initial  testimony is summarized in a new blog entry.  The latest position from both organizations can be found at their websites.  A Senate informational hearing was held  on May 24th and speakers were invited to provide general information on the bill by invitation from the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services.  The hearing was recorded and the video of the hearing which lasted about two hours is available here.  Members of this site will receive updates on developments and a list of the critical legislators making decisions on this important matter. 

An interesting article dealing with collection practice can be found here.


Examining Board Activities:

The next meeting of the Examining Board will be held on September 29, 2016.  Details on the major issues likely to be raised at the meeting are described in the “Useful News” section above.  Otherwise, the complete agenda and supporting meeting materials are at the the State’s website.  Those connected with this site will receive advanced notice and insightful commentary of the Board’s agenda and pending actions.   

The state’s website list Juli McNeely as a one of the new “public members”  (non-chiropractor) who is now on the Board.  Her term will run into 2017.  Otherwise, the Board has another relatively new member, Jeffrey King, whose term will expire on July 1, 2019.  The Board is now back to its full membership which had been an issue in 2015 when several meetings were adjourned due to a lack of quorum.

“Tips” For Now: 

  • The ICA is offering a new service for doctors known as the “Leadership Line”.  This is a free, internet forum where doctors can connect with leaders in the profession to listen in on a variety of topics of interest to the profession. Information available at  
  • Patients can now access reputable sites which seek to compare medical and dental costs.  Such sites include:,, and  
  • Doctors may want to take a look at a new example of internet health streaming offered by an organization found at  This group offers a personal health portal for patients on health and wellness information.
  • If you haven’t heard or seen this yet, take a look at a wellness site found at  This is a patient orientated informational site which results from a partnership established between the Chiropractic Society of Wisconsin and a wellness marketing organization from California known as “Amplife”.  The CSW is working with this website service as a means of assisting doctors in sharing insightful information with their patients and the general public on the benefits of natural health through chiropractic wellness.  The resources at the website are free to all CSW members.
  • It may be worth making a resource reference or “favorite” within your computer or lap top for quick access.  This site provides updates on the side effects of prescription and other over the counter medications; as well as, a list of medical device recalls.


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Wisconsin Chiropractic Association

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