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Useful  News:

U.S. Surgeon General Issues a Report on Opiod Abuse … The Surgeon General held a news conference to announce a report outlining the federal government’s plans to combat prescription drug abuse.  To read more LINK HERE

The risk of stroke from adjustments …  has gained a great deal of attention following the unfortunate news arising in California and featured on the Dr. Oz television show. Dynamic Chiropractic recently offered an insightful article which summarizes important matters for a doctor to consider from this controversial issue.  See more HERE.

FTC Statement on Advertising Homeopathic drugs ... The Federal Trade Commission released an enforcement policy statement regarding the marketing claims for the homeopathic drug market. To read more LINK HERE  This statement is regarded as “long overdue” and may apply to the advertising of the benefits of homeopathic drugs by chiropractors.

New Information on MACRA Program …The CMS has provided new information on the implementation of the new MACRA program which is designed to compensate providers based upon the quality of their performance, rather than the quantity of patients seen by the doctor.  The new information on the program can be found HERE.

Opiod Abuse Issue… The Chiropractic Society of Wisconsin is taking an active role in the ongoing public discussion over  opioid prescription abuses and efforts of law enforcement to curb those abuses.  At it’s annual convention in the Wisconsin Dells on October 21st, the CSW had a keynote speaker from the Attorney General’s office speak about the scope of the problem and steps to address the situation.  On November 10th, the CSW announced that it formally joined or became a sponsor of the A.G.’s Dose of Reality Project providing vital information to the public on this societal problem.  The CSW also launched a dedicated website and appeal for action on the matter through a heartfelt video describing the devastating personal effects of the opiod epidemic.  To view this poignant video:  The CSW’s new website on the matter is

Proposed “PSCP” …   The Wisconsin Chiropractic Association (“WCA”) intends to try again this legislative period to obtain a law which will dramatically expand the scope of chiropractic to include a new professional designation known as a “Primary Spine Care Practitioner”  (PSCS) who would have the authority to prescribe medication and administer anesthesia under medical supervision.  The Board of Directors of the WCA  again recently approved a resolution to move ahead with this agenda during the 2017-18 legislative biennial period. It is widely anticipated that the WCA may seek to have the legislation approved by connecting it to the budget bill rather than as “stand alone” legislation.  During the last legislative period, the WCA advocated for legislative bills which saw very little progress in the State.  In fact, the only public hearing held on the legislation provided an opportunity for both sides of the issue to firmly “square off” over the new concept. (See our blog on the hearing at: The “real” implications of that initial  testimony is summarized in a new blog entry.)  The Senate informational hearing was held  on May 24,2016 and speakers were invited to provide general information on the bill.  The hearing was recorded and the video of the hearing which lasted about two hours is available here.  Members of this site will receive updates on developments and a list of the critical legislators making decisions on this important matter. 

More Guidelines on Cervical Adjustments … See some new guidelines announced in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics on scope of care for cervical injuries is found HERE.

Examining Board Activities:

During its last meeting on December 1, 2016, the Chiropractic Examining Board again spent a good deal of time discussing a proposed rule dealing with the: (1) basic credit hours of training required for CT’s and CRT’s. and (2) the ability and nature of patient care delegation by doctors.  This has been a continuing discussion of the Board for nearly a year to revise two chapters of the Administrative code, CHIR 4 and 10.  To understand the current state of discussions, Read More Here.    Here you can see the last draft of the:  Proposed Order 12/1/16 meeting.  Those connected with this site will receive advanced notice and insightful commentary of the Board’s agenda and pending actions. The next meeting of the Board will be held on     

“Tips” For Now:

  • A new tool from the CMS for use by practitioners on the application of MACRA can be found at     
  • The ICA is offering a new service for doctors known as the “Leadership Line”.  This is a free, internet forum where doctors can connect with leaders in the profession to listen in on a variety of topics of interest to the profession. Information available at  
  • Patients can now access reputable sites which seek to compare medical and dental costs.  Such sites include:,, and  
  • Doctors may want to take a look at a new example of internet health streaming offered by an organization found at  This group offers a personal health portal for patients on health and wellness information.
  • Foundation For Chiropractic Progress is offering an “Opioid Toolkit” with research and information for chiropractors on this issue.  See:
  • It may be worth making a resource reference or “favorite” within your computer or lap top for quick access.  This site provides updates on the side effects of prescription and other over the counter medications; as well as, a list of medical device recalls.


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