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Take a look at the latest blog entry relating to an “Open Hearing” before the next Chiropractic Examining Board relating to proposed changes to several sections of the administrative code.  See the latest blog post HERE.

Pose a question directly to our contributors at AskCL .  This is a first in the State where your own concerns can be addressed by one of our knowledgeable contributors, including attorneys who are experienced in chiropractic issues.

A  new and updated item has been added to the forms at our resources .  The focus of our newest resource item is a sample FORM from a major healthcare provider which can be used with the electronic  transmission of patient health care records.  A blog article was recently posted on this new method of transmitting records. ( See Blog article dated November 13, 2016).  Click here for a complete summary of our new or updated resources …read more

Make a referral of a patient and access information on injury cases at patient information

Useful  News:

State Assembly Approves Pro Chiropractic Legislation …  During the summer, the Assembly approved Assembly Bill 260 which addressed a number of chiropractic requests which were favored by both state organizations.  The bill allows (1) chiropractors to perform certain sports physicals, (2) confirms the right of doctors to perform truck driver physical examinations, (3)  allows doctors to delegate specified services to certain licensed health care professionals, (4) clarifies the doctors use of cold laser for therapy, and (5) confirms that doctors who are also licensed at acupuncturists can practice out of the same office.  On this last point, contributors at this site and others have received infomration for years  which enabled chiropractors who are also licensed acupuncturists to practice in the same office despite contrary advise from the WCA.  The dry needling changes sought by the WCA was rejected by the Assembly in response to opposition from the CSW and other health care professionals.  The Bill still needs approval in the State Senate and Governor’s approval before becoming law.

Supreme Court Case Exempts Patients’ Attorneys from certain duplication Charges …  In May, the Wisconsin Supreme Court handed down a decision in Moya v. Aurora Healthcare Inc .that attorneys of injured patient’s with an appropriate authorization signed by the patient/client is exempt from duplication fees referenced in Wis. Stats. section 146.83(3f).  This would eliminate the ability to charge for the “certification cost” and “retrieval fee”.  The attorney can still apparently be charged for the per page duplication cost on medical records requests.

Latest Gallop Poll from Palmer College ... Dynamic Chiropractic reported on this year’s poll and several important matters to consider from the polling results.  See this insightful article HERE 

Reprimands for Medical Doctors who over prescribe opioids… A recent study determined that over medical doctors have received professional reprimands of various natures for patient opioid abuses.  View the report HERE.

Favorable comments from Harvard Medical School …  The November issue of the Harvard Health Letter  has some very favorable remarks about the benefits of chiropractic care for initial symptoms of  low back sprain, strain, and herniation.  The article noted that “…chiropractic may be all it takes to feel better.”  See the latest Harvard Health Letter  HERE 

Pending Legislation Proposed by both  State Organizations...  Both of the state’s professional organizations have pending legislative initiatives which did not become law during the budgetary approval process and remain open for consideration during the current biannual legislative session.  The CSW has legislation( HERE)  would allow it to provide continuing education (“CE”) without needing to have a separate program sponsor.  This legislation was the subject of a hearing before a Senate Committee on April, 25, 2017.  The WCA filed a written objection to the legislation, without speaking at the hearing, since current law only allows the WCA and certain accredited colleges the right to exclusively sponsor CE.  Having CE sponsorship has a financial impact upon both organizations.  Opposition is expected since the WCA has been losing substantial income since the CSW was formed five years ago.    Meanwhile, the WCA  announced legislation which was the subject of a public hearing (HERE) before the Assembly Health Committee and has an ongoing initiative relating to chiropractors ability to prescribe over the counter medication.  A review of this legislation is available at this website’s blog page.   Viewers of this website will continue to receive updates on developments with legislative initiatives by both organizations.

Opioid Abuse Issue... The Chiropractic Society of Wisconsin is taking an active role in the ongoing public discussion over  opioid prescription abuses and efforts of law enforcement to curb those abuses. The CSW announced that it formally joined or became a sponsor of the A.G.’s Dose of Reality Project providing vital information to the public on this societal problem. The CSW also launched a dedicated website and appeal for action on the matter through a heartfelt video describing the devastating personal effects of the opioid epidemic.  To view this poignant video:  The CSW’s new website on the matter is         

Examining Board Activities:

The next meeting of the Chiropractic Examining Board will be held on December 21, 2017 starting at 8:30 in room 121A of the State Office Building on East Washington Avenue in Madison.    Upon release, the agenda can be found HERE. This is an important meeting since the Board is soliciting written or verbal comments on proposed legislative changes to several sections of the administrative code.  A summary of several of the major changes proposed by the Board can be found HERE.   During its last meeting, the Board continued its review of conflicting and outdated language in chapters 2 (Examinations), 4 (Practice), 6 (Standards of Conduct), and 9( (Preceptorships) of the Administrative Code.  Time was also spent discussing prospective changes to the continuing education approval process.  The Board is contemplating a system in which an outside entity will both approve and validate doctor attendance at continuing education courses.  The use of an outside agency, such as PACE, is intended to reduce administrative time of the Board and costs for the State.

The Board is also finalizing discussions on legislative changes to Chapter 10 dealing with delegation to CT’s and CRT’s which has been a continuing discussion item of the Board for nearly a year.   In recent meetings, the Board has now established a broad definition of ” physiotherapy treatment” and specifically described it as something which can be delegated only to a CT with properly verified training exclusively determined by the doctor.  The recent changes also note that the CT can perform preliminary patient histories with the chiropractor exercising “direct supervision” of the CT performing a delegated service.  All proposed changes are before the State’s clearinghouse under rule 17-010 for review as to legislative accuracy.  Those connected with this site will receive advanced notice and insightful commentary of the Board’s agenda and pending actions.      

“Tips” For Now:

  • Article from the Wisconsin state bar addressing factors to consider with the succession of estates and businesses.  See HERE
  • Chiropractic Business Academy offered a variety of useful resources at the beginning of this new year which may be of interest in expanding the scope of patient services.  Visit HERE. for more information.
  • Information on proper encryption techniques used in a variety of formats can be found HERE
  • Notices of  Wisconsin legislative events and activities can be found by subscribing tot
  • A new tool from the CMS for use by practitioners on the application of MACRA can be found at     
  • The ICA is offering a new service for doctors known as the “Leadership Line”.  This is a free, internet forum where doctors can connect with leaders in the profession to listen in on a variety of topics of interest to the profession. Information available at  Information can also be obtained by calling 916/729-5432.
  • Patients can now access reputable sites which seek to compare medical and dental costs.  Such sites include:,, and  
  • Doctors may want to take a look at a new example of internet health streaming offered by an organization found at  This group offers a personal health portal for patients on health and wellness information.
  • Foundation For Chiropractic Progress is offering an “Opioid Toolkit” with research and information for chiropractors on this issue.  See:
  • It may be worth making a resource reference or “favorite” within your computer or lap top for quick access.  This site provides updates on the side effects of prescription and other over the counter medications; as well as, a list of medical device recalls.


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