Serving Chiropractors and Their Patients


This website is the result of the logical progression of a written newsletter to the technological benefits of the internet.  The written newsletter, called Chiropractic Law, was first issued in 1996 and has experienced expanded readership over the years.  The newsletter was established by Attorney Dan Riegleman with the overall objective of improving “the chiropractors understanding of major legal issues and advancing the greater utilization of chiropractic as a primary and effective source of healthcare.”

To more comprehensively and rapidly advance these objectives, the founder of the newsletter has assembled a talented group of individuals who have agreed to contribute to an expanding scope of information available at this website.  Those contributors consist of carefully selected attorneys licensed in the State of Wisconsin; as well as, other individuals who are not practicing attorneys.  Anyone using this website must review the disclaimer as it relates to the role of attorneys affiliated with this website.  All of these contributors have been invited to periodically provide general information on the weblogs and otherwise contribute to the growing range of resources available on this website.

Profiles of the current attorneys and contributors to this website are described below: 

Attorney Dan A. Riegleman

Attorney Roman A. Chojnacki

Attorney Mark J. Rogers

Attorney Alan C. Olson

Attorney Dan Icenogle

Steven G. Yeomans, D.C.

Greg E. Nielsen, D.C.

J. Peter Heffernan, D.C. DPhCS

Dr. Randall Hammett D.C.

Martin Johnson, D.H.M., C.F.T.

Mr. Ed Petty

Mr. Dave Michel

Elizabeth M. McLean, D.C., CCSP

Jeffrey Cronk, D.C.

Paul Kramer, D.C.