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Preserve Medical Payments For the Treating Chiropractor

Chiropractors have contacted our office lately with concerns relating to their ability to receive payments under a patient’s medical pay coverage of an automobile insurance policy.  As most doctors are aware, many automobile policies contain “med pay” provisions which provide coverage for the health care treatment provided to an insured  under the policy.  The insurerd commonly includes any passengers in an automobile involved in an accident.  Treating chiropractors should always question a patient to determine if this type is coverage is available since the limits of the med pay is typically paid without the types of challenges or discounts often made  to coverage proveded by a health insurer. Some doctors have noticed recently that attorneys representing patients have unilaterally  “invaded” the payment process by either advising the med pay insurer to pay the patient/attorney the limits of coverage or redirect all payments to a provider other than the chiropractor.  Although payments are usually made to whichever proviider first provides the care and submits a claim, many policies have been interpreted by attorneys as allowing the patient to  control and manage the amount of coverage available to them.  There have even been situations where the attorney has expressly told the insurer not

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A Thought for the New Year

This past fall,Dr. Chester Wilk spoke at  one of the WCA’s  Southeast District meetings. Dr. Wilk spoke on a variety of topics in an open setting to over 25 interested doctors.  During his comments; which ranged from discussing the theme of a new book to a biographical sketch of his attorney in the landmark case involving the AMA,  Dr. Wilk managed to  “grip” the interest of the doctors with his high energy and intensity as a strong advocate for chiropractic.  All of this coming from an icon within the profession who , himself, never seemed to appear tired despite the late hour of the meeting and his advancing age. Throughout all the interesting stories mentioned by him, there were two comments Dr. Wilk made just before concluding the meeting which have “stuck” with me.  As many indivduals engage at this time  in both reflections upon and expectations for the New Year, I thought it could be an appropriate time to share those two comments. The first comment was said very publically and prominently at the beginning of the meeting. Dr. Wilk mentioned that he believed that every state chiropractic organizations should have its own recognized “spokesperson” who would be available to present and respond to chiropractic

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