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Examining Board Holds Public Hearing on Latest, Proposed Changes to Code

The Chiropractic Examining Board will hold a public hearing on December 21, 2017 to consider its latest, proposed rule changes to the Administrative code relating to chiropractic.  This time, changes are being proposed to Chapters 1, 3, and 11 of the Code.   These changes are not as dramatic as those proposed earlier this year involving the roles of CT’s and CRT’s together with the  delegation of adjudicative services.  This latest BLOG will review all of the latest proposals with an analysis of their impact on the profession.

Dealing with the simpler, “basic” changes first,  there are changes to Chir Chapters 1 and 3 which are in the nature of formatting language to basically update the code to current provisions.  As such, Chapter 1 will now just reference that there are thirteen separate chapters of the administrative code dealing with chiropractic, rather than the improperly stated, eleven.  (Details HERE for Chapter 1 and HERE for Chapter 3)  Of significance, Chir Chapter 3 also changes the deadline for obtaining or renewing a license.  Under the proposed change, the date for such action has been changed to December 14 of even numbered years following the initial licensure and every two years thereafter.  As a result, doctors should be aware that the old deadline is likely to be changed to a few weeks earlier and be sure to appropriately calendar for this important task.

The more interesting change is occurring to Chir Chapter 11.  (See Details HERE) Besides some “drafting” and renumbering changes, the introductory definitions section of this Chapter will now define what constitutes a “new patient”.  Under the rules changes, a “new patient” will be “an individual who has not been treated by the chiropractor or another chiropractor in the same group practice within the last three (3) years”.   This definition is significant since a doctor treating such a “new patient” is obligated by the other provisions of this chapter to initiate and maintain specified record keeping requirements on such a patient.  As a result, new and detailed intake information must be obtained from any new patient; as well as those “old” or returning patients, who have not been treated by the doctor or any other chiropractor in the “group” for the preceding three years.

Anyone wishing to comment on the proposed rule changes should contact Dale Klaven at 608/261-4472 or before the meeting day or appear at the meeting to voice your comments.