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A Thought for the New Year

This past fall,Dr. Chester Wilk spoke at  one of the WCA’s  Southeast District meetings. Dr. Wilk spoke on a variety of topics in an open setting to over 25 interested doctors.  During his comments; which ranged from discussing the theme of a new book to a biographical sketch of his attorney in the landmark case involving the AMA,  Dr. Wilk managed to  “grip” the interest of the doctors with his high energy and intensity as a strong advocate for chiropractic.  All of this coming from an icon within the profession who , himself, never seemed to appear tired despite the late hour of the meeting and his advancing age.

Throughout all the interesting stories mentioned by him, there were two comments Dr. Wilk made just before concluding the meeting which have “stuck” with me.  As many indivduals engage at this time  in both reflections upon and expectations for the New Year, I thought it could be an appropriate time to share those two comments.

The first comment was said very publically and prominently at the beginning of the meeting. Dr. Wilk mentioned that he believed that every state chiropractic organizations should have its own recognized “spokesperson” who would be available to present and respond to chiropractic related issues.  He suggested that just the right kind of person should be selected in each state who could work well with the public news sources on a moment’s notice.  At one point, he asked if Wisconsin had such a person.

After the long pause and confused response came from the attending doctors, it dawned on some of us that this  state really doesn’t have that “one” key  doctor who can be  proactive in advancing chiropractic and work smoothly with the press.  Maybe it is time to think about locating just the right kind of person to fill that role; someone like a Dr Wilk, who routinely and without fear  appears before the press and others in speaking on behalf of chiropractic. That was a good comment for reflection.

And then there was the more private comment of expectation which Dr.Wilk muttered privately to me and a couple other doctors as he wheeled his large box of books out the meeting room… sort of a parting thought as he finished talking about his high expectations for the success of his next book.  Despite already accomplishing more for the profession then most doctors could ever dream of experiencing in their professional “career”, Dr. Wilk left the room with an upbeat smile and prediction that he really felt “that the best was yet to come”.  What a comment coming from a doctor who had already experienced so much in his life. Yet he found that inner strength to keep looking ahead with incredible optomism and excitement.  As I left that night, I couldn’t stop thinking about those final remarks.

Maybe that is just the type of thinking we should all have as we go into the New Year… the best is definetly yet to come.  SHINE                                    (By Attorney Dan Riegleman)