Serving Chiropractors and Their Patients


A.  Chiropractic Organizations
1. International Organizations
World Federation of Chiropractors (WFC)
International Chirorpactic Association (ICA)
Canadian Chirorpactic Association
World Health Organization (WHO)
2.  National Organizations
American Chiropractic Associations (ACA)
International Chiropractic Association (ICA)
World Chiropractic Alliance (WCA)
Federation of Straight Chiropractors and Organizations (FSCO)
The Chiropractic Coalition
3. State Organizations – Wisconsin
Wisconsin Chiropractic Association
Chiropractic Society of Wisconsin
4. State Organizations – Outside Wisconsin
Congress of Chiropractic State Associations
B.  Legal Organizations and Information
1. National
American Bar Association (ABA)
2. State
Wisconsin Bar Association
3. Wisconsin Legal Forms
State Sponsored
4. Court Access System
Case Status Information
5. State Statutes, Administrative Code and Municipal Ordinances
State Legislative Site
Wisconsin State Law Library
6. State Court Decisions and Rulings
State Bar Research Site
Wisconsin State Law Library
7. Consumer Based Legal Information
Find Law
Law Information
Wisconsin State Bar
Employment Law Information
Findlaw – Health Sources
C. Medical Hospital Associations        
    1. National Association
American Medical Association www,
American Hospital Association
2. State Association
Wisconsin Medical Society
3. Hospital and Physician Performance Evaluation    
National Evaluation Site
State Quality Evaluation Site
National Committee for Quality Assurance
(evaluation of health plans and physicians)
Physicians Evaluation Site
Physicians Credentialing Information
Health Grades Service
D. Library Sources
1. All Journals and Papers
National Library of Medicine
National Institute of Medicine
Hardin Meta Directory
2. Chiropractic Related Journals and Papers
National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine
Index to Chiropractic Literature
Manual, Alternative and Natural Therapy
David D. Palmer Health Sciences Library
Foundations of Chiropractic Education and Research
Mantis Database
3. Clinical Evaluation and Testing
Clinical Trial Information
National Academy of Sciences
E. Chiropractic Peer and Related Journals
Index to Medical Journals
Index to Chiropractic Literature
American Chiropractor
Chiropractic Economics
Chiropractic and Osteopathics
Chiropractic Pediatrics
Chiropractic Report
Clinical Chiropractic
DC Tracts
Dynamic Chiropractic
Injury Resources Monthly
Journal of American Chiropractic Association
Journal of Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics
Journal of Chiropractic Education
Journal of Manipulative Physiological Therapeutics
Journal of Manuel and Manipulation Therapy
Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research
Today’s Chiropractic
F. Consumer Oriented Healthcare Information
1. Medical Sponsored Oriented Resources
Web MD
Web MD
Web MD
National Instutute of Health
U.S. Department of Health Services
Mayo Clinic
Spinal Related Information
Spinal Related Information
Health Central Network
2. Non-medical Sponsored Resources
Dynamic Chiropractic Site
Expert Hub Network, Inc.
Earnware Corporation
Healthworld Online
What Doctor’s Don’t Tell You (UK)
G. Legislative and Political
1. National
(a) Politicians U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
(b) Federal Government – General Federal Information and Agencies
Government Guide
(c) Federal Government – Health Related U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
U.S. Centers for Medicine and Medicaid Services
U.S. Center for Disease Control
Federal Medicare and Medicaid Services
Federal Flexible Spending Account
2. State – Wisconsin
(a) Politicians and Legislation Legislation
(b) State Government – General Wisconsin State Site
(c) State Agencies – Health Related Workers Compensation Division
Workforce Development
Chiropractic Examining Board
Disciplinary Action
H. Research Related Sites
1. Non-Chiropractic Specific
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Rand Corporation
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
National Highway Traffice Safety Administration
2. Chiropractic Related
Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research (FCER)
Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research
Council on Chiropractic Practice (WCA)
American Public Health Association
Spine Research Institute of San Diego (Dr. Croft)
Institute of Evidence Based Chiropractic
National Institute of Chiropractic Research
Council on Applied Chiropractic Sciences (ICA)
I. Continuing Education and Licensing Board
1. National – Examination and Standards
Online Continuing Education
National Board of Chiropractic Examiners
Council on Chiropractic Education
2. State – Continuing Education
Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing Courses
3. National – Licensing Board
Federation of Association of Regulatory Boards
Council of Licensure, Enforcement and Regulation
J. Chiropractic Colleges
Association of Chiropractic Colleges
Cleveland Chiropractic College
D’Youvilk College
Life University College of Chropractic
Life Chiropractic College West
Logan College of Chiropractic
Los Angeles College of Chiropractic
National University of Health Sciences
New York Chiropractic College
Northwestern College of Chiropractic
Palmer College of Chiropractic
Parker College of Chiropractic
Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic
Texas Chiropractic College
University of Bridgeport – College of Chiropractic
Western State Chiropractic College
K. Professional Liability Insurance
National Chiropractic Mutual Insurance Company
National Chiropractic Council
American International Group
Arthur J. Gallagher & Company
Medical Liability Mutual Insurance Company
OUM Chiropractic Benefit Services
L. Health Care Provider Organizations
1. Chiropractic Pediatrics
American Chiropractic Association – Pediatrics
International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association
Vaccination Information
Vaccination Information
2. Chiropractic – Upper Cervical
National Uppen Cervical Chiropractic Association
Society of Chiropractic Orthospinology
Atlas Orthogonal Program
The Upledger Institute
3. Chiropractic – Sports Related Care
ACA’s Sports Injuries and Physical Fitness
U.S. Sports Chiropractors and Organizations
American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine
American College of Sports Medicine
National Athletic Trainers Association
U.S. Olympic Committee
4. Chiropractic – Technique Oriented
Activator Method
Directional Non-force Technique
5. Chiropractic – Sacro Occipital
Sacro Occipital Techniques Organization
Sacro Occipital Research Society
6. Chiropractic – ACA Diplomate Programs/Credits
Chiropractic Pediatrics
Chiropractic Physiologicial Therapeutics & Rehab
Chiropractic Diagnosis and Internal Disorders
Diagnostic Imaging
Chiropractic Nutrition
Chiropractic Occupational Health
Chiropractic Orthopaedics
Chiropractic Forensic Sciences
Sports Injuries and Physical Fitness
7. Related Groups
(a) Spinal Associated
North American Institute of Orthopaedic Manual Therapy
North American Spine Society
American Academy of Orthopeodic Surgeons
American Back Society
(b) Pain Associated
Alliance of State Pain Initiates
American Academy of Pain Management
American Academy of Pain Medicine
American Chronic Pain Association
National Chronic Pain Society
(c) Osteopathic
American Osteopathic Association
Wisconsin Association of Osteopathic Physicians
M. Nutrition and Wellness
1. Naturopathic Care
American Association of Naturopathic Physicians
American College of Naturopathic Obstricians
Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians
Institute for Natural Medicine
2. Nutritional Information
Council for Responsible Nutrition
National Instittues of Health – Dietary Supplements
Herbal Supplements Guide
College Bound Network Company
Tufts University – Diet/Nutrition
Optimal Life Performance Products
Standard Process
Vitamin Research Products
Nutrasanus – Vitabase Products
Biotics Research Corp.
American Herbalist Guide
N. Miscellaneous Chiropractic Sites
1. Guidelines and Practice Parameters
Council of Chiropractic Guidelines and Parameters
Council of Chiropractic Practice
National Guideline Clearinghouse (NGC)
2. HIPPA Privacy Information
(Various) Wisconsin Healthcare Groups
Center for Democracy and Technology
National Institution of Health-Privacy
Phoenix Health Systems, Inc.
Health Information Management Associations
3. Coding and Compliance
Chiro Code Institute
National Center for Health Statistics
Provider Law
4. Lobbyists
ICA, WCA, and Federation of Straight Chiropractors
American Public Health Association
5, Managed Care
Managed Care Facts
6. Ergonometric Information
Wellness Council of America
Chicago Ergonometric Group
Interface Analysis Associates
International Academy of Chiropractic Occupational Health Consultants
7. Supplies and Broad Based Information
Planet Chiropractic
Dynamic Chiropractic
Chiropractic Economics
Chiropractic Economics
Action Potential, Inc.
Chiropractic Code Institute
Patient Education – Media
Wellness Related Products
8. Consultants – Practice Seminars
Petty, Michel and Associates
Foundation for Chiropractic Progress
Dr. Dan Murphy
Karl Parker
Dr. John Hayes, Jr.
Master Circle, Inc.
Dr. Mark Sanna
Chiropractic Leadership Alliance
Chiropractic Internet Education
Principled Chiropractic Training
Waiting List Practice
Pro Adjuster Group
Ben Lerner
Ben Cummings
9. Immunizations and Vaccinations
National Autism Association
Put Children First
10. Healthcare Compliance
CCH Publications
Healthcare Compliance Association
11. Healthcare Reform Information
Wisconsin Reform Statutes