Serving Chiropractors and Their Patients

Board Meeting Takes on Issue of Delegation

A major item for discussion at the Examining Board’s next meeting relates to the issue of delegation.  Since the creation of the role of  the “CT” and “CRT”, there has been some confusion as to the extent of matters which can be delegated and the roles of both staff and the doctor in providing adjunctive services to the patient. One particular concern with the proposed administrative code changes involves the purported duty of the doctor to be physically present in the office when staff and associated professionals are providing those adjunctive services.


Under both the old code provisions and the  proposed language, the doctor would be required to be physically present while these procedures are performed by others.  This office has noted on several occasions that such a requirement is unnecessary and a burdensome to the business operations of the doctor.  The proposal appears unnecessary since the staff and independent parties performing these services are often highly trained and capable of handling perceived problems which have any remote possibility of occurring. Under almost all circumstances, no “life threatening” situation could ever develop.  Even if a perceived “emergency” does develop, we live at a time where the doctor could be immediately reached through a variety of means of communication.   Moreover, many doctors feel that their ability to carry on other activities during business hours are interrupted through the requirement that they remain in the office.   This is particularly burdensome for those doctors who own or wish to own multiple clinic locations. Additionally, many doctors prefer to work remotely from home these days and do want to be restrained in their business endeavors with such a requirement.


We encourage the Board to eliminate this outdated and burdensome requirement.  Any doctors who agree with this position are encouraged to contact the Board members or appear at scheduled meetings to voice their concerns.