Serving Chiropractors and Their Patients

Home Page Supplement

New informational papers added to this site’s resources page, include the following articles:

  1. How to distinguish and create a “doctor’s lien” from a letter of protection.  (See outline G3.)
  2. Legal basis for recovering treatment charges in worker’s compensation proceedings. (See outline at I 2.)
  3. Legal concerns when providing nutritional counseling  (See Outline at H 1.)
  4. New Informed Consent law in Wisconsin  (See outline at F 6.)
  5. Use of Informed Consent with “Experimental” Therapies and Protocols  (See outline at F 7.)
  6. Distinguishing employees from independent contractors  (See outline at E 5.)
  7. Establishing PrePaid Treatment Plans  (See outline at F 1.)
  8. Applying late charges and finance charges  (See outline at F 10.)
  9. Examining Board’s new “matrix” for applying discipline in cases  (See outline at J 1.)
  10. Regular update to the list of unauthorized practices and procedures  (See outline at J 3.)
  11. Legal Methods to Address the Potential for Fee Splitting (See outline at F 13.)
  12. Purging Patient Records (See outline at F15.)

New forms added to the site’s ; include the following:

  1. Sample invoice for duplicating patient records  (See outline at C 8.)
  2. Sample language to be inserted in collection related letters  (See outline at D. 13)
  3. Authorization for assignment of patient’s  medical payments  benefits from insurer  (See outline at D 11.)
  4. Sample letter to adjuster to recover benefits owed to a patient under an insurance policy  (See outline at F 7.)
  5. Sample letter to adjuster to recover workers compensation payments owed a patient (See outline at G 1.)
  6. Cash payment plan with a patient (See outline at D 6.)
  7. Billing statement for electronically provided medical records (See outline C-9)
  8. Supplemented form B-5 to address chiropractic liens. (10/2020)

As always, all former articles and forms have been updated to reflect current legal and regulatory developments.  Users of the site are always welcome to submit ideas on other resource items which may be of value to the profession.  Just contact us at