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How to Handle Electronic Requests for Patient Records

Chiropractors are increasingly receiving requests that patients’ protected health information (“PHI”) be transferred electronically, rather than in paper format. Here are some insights on how to address these types of electronic requests for records under “HITECH” and a review of various legal aspects of this type of request.

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Legislative Effort to Alter Nature of Informed Consent

Following a major Supreme Court decision, a new Wisconsin legislative effort has been initiated by the Republican majority  to revise a physician’s duty of informed consent.  The decision, rendered in the case of Jandre v. Physicians Insurance Co. of Wisconsin, involved a jury verdict decided  nearly a decade ago, in which a medical doctor was found negligent for failing to inform a patient about alternative medical modes of treatment for a condition.  This application of “informed consent” was unique in the case since the doctor was held liable for failing to provide the information on a condition which the physician did not believe that the patient had at the time the doctor provided information to the patient. The Wisconsin Supreme Court approved a standard of care involving informed consent which is referred to as the “reasonable person standard”.  Under this standard, the physician is required to disclose to the patient of treatment information necessary for a reasonable person (patient) to make an intelligent decision with respect to the choices of treatment or diagnosis.  As a result, physicians must disclose information to the patient even if the doctor  does not believe that the patient had a condition which requires the alternative mode of care or treatment. 

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